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Indigenous Practices in Museums

2023 Conference
Thursday, Sept 28-Friday, Sept 29

A conference to share knowledge about how Indigenous methodologies can transform museum practice

This conference will bring together knowledge-sharers, including Indigenous and non-Indigenous curators, artists, scholars, and community members who have contributed to transforming museum practice using Indigenous-informed methodologies. 


Presentations, discussions, and workshops will be grounded in specific approaches and experiences to illuminate pathways for ongoing work. 


Themes of collaboration and reciprocity, challenges in artistic practice, and confronting colonial legacies will guide the conference sessions and activities.

Brought to you by a partnership between the Field Museum and Northwestern University's Center for Native American and Indigenous Research and Block Museum of Art 

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A Note From Us to You

We understand that there have been serious concerns raised about the Field Museum as the principal venue for the conference, given its long history of harm to Native Peoples and more recent issues. We take these concerns seriously.

Please click the button below to read more from the CIPiM planning committee.


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